Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Stereofiend is becoming a zine!

Here is a rough overview of the layout of Stereofiend. Word counts are mandatory and if they are not met withing 25-50 words, I reserve the right to cut down or cut your piece altogether. I'm not trying to be a dick, I just want things to move smoothly. Also, pieces are to be submitted in timely fashion. If you have a deadline... meet it! I will also be editing your work, if you see changes do not be offended, everyone gets edits.

* I understand that this may make potential submitters a bit apprehensive, but I just want Stereofiend to run efficiently, and not become a zine that comes out every 5 months. Thanks :)

Word counts are as follows:

cd/show/movie/art/food reviews- 200 words + art

feature story- 500-600 words + art

comics should be 3-4 blocks, as to fit two to a page. There is an exception if your comic is really good.

*You are responsible for providing art for your piece. When doing so, you must give credit where credit is due. This means: state who took the photo/drew it. where, and when this happened.

What to expect from Stereofiend:
Stereofiend will be a 7 page DIY zine, hopefully coming out bi-weekly.

pg. 1- Stereofiend Contact info, masthead, and submission guidelines. Letters to and from the editor.
pg. 2- Vegetarian recipes: snacks, actual meals, appetizers.
pg. 3-4- Feature story: for example a band feature, restaurant feature etc.
pg. 5- Reviews
pg. 6- Comics/local art
pg. 7- Photo of the issue. And also what to expect in upcoming issues.

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